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Here at Mind Power Memory Booster, we have created for you an online version of our amazing content from the Brain Training Formula live event.

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Developing mind power needs focus, so rest assured this is not a hashed together film edited version of a live training with random long winded questions from students, poor audio or wasted time repeating stuff and seeing other people doing exercises.

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Mind Power WorkoutWe have all experienced online training’s where the value of the techniques being taught have been lost in the tedious and distracting way that the valuable life changing insights are being presented to other people, rather than directly to you.

And that means it can be hard work, leaving you feeling a bit left out and very much on the outside looking in.

The massive difference you will find in our online version of this powerful training is it is recorded in a way that truly makes it all about you.

Because let’s face it when you want to study powerful personal development techniques and exponentially grow and evolve, then it is definitely all about you!

That’s why Instead of a room full of people learning at the pace of the slowest person, late comers, recaps and other distractions.

Mind Power Brain Training OnlineThis recorded training will be just me, you and your laptop, and the most powerful memory techniques available today.

As I guide you through all of the modules and video presentations, you will be able to go at your own pace.

As I personally teach you the tools and techniques to help you create real mind power and a highly effective memory.

You can easily get your hands on this amazing comprehensive content and begin to assimilate, absorb and utilise all the material held in this training.

Material that will, pretty quickly get you onto to a path of higher mental functioning.

If you do want to Increase Your Mind Power

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Mind Power guarantee badgeGo through this entire training, apply the techniques and if your not stunned, amazed and totally delighted with your ability to program in data and easily recall it, then we will issue a 100% refund to you immediately.


Here is What You Will Learn In The Training

I will be taking you page by page through our extensive manual explaining to you in depth exactly how to master the Brain Training principles, concepts, tools and techniques that will exponentially boost the power of your mind.

Module 1. We will open up your thinking around all that is possible for your brain and your memory, getting rid of misconceptions and limitations.

we will also introduce to you 4 incredibly powerful techniques for exercising your mind and your thinking to increase the flow of your imagination and develop your conscious and unconscious mind power.

Module 2. Our very first technique, the Sequential Memory Metaphor as we learn how to tap into our creative inner genius with the power of creating funny, engaging and interesting stories with the sole purpose of programming in complex information and data.

Module 3. Next we are ready to begin the first of our Mnemonic peg techniques with the Logic Lists and Rhyming Lists.

Where we start to build a library of easily accessed images that we can easily associate to in an highly imaginative, vivid and unusual way, all the things we need to remember.

Module 4. The ancient yet incredibly effective Location Method, where we create a matrix using our own highly associated familiar experiences to build locations in our imagination that we can easily leave things in, to wander through and recall later on at will.

Module 5. The more complex and most powerful tool of all, the Major Method, learning the ultimate formula to make it easy to code letters and numbers.

This technique will help you give every word an instant association to a number and vice versa, as you easily develop your own library of 100 memory pegs hang any and all information on.

Module 6. Exercises and entertainment designed to help you develop true expertise as I teach you how to easily memorise a shuffled deck of cards as well as easily programming in very long string of random numbers, way beyond what you would have ever thought possible before.

Module 7. How to go about developing and maintaining true mental, emotional and physical balance and well being whilst optimising your performance and results.

This training is a mix of me talking to camera and text slides explained in great detail and is based directly on the Mind Power Memory Booster Brain Training Formula Manual which will also be yours to download.

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