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Colin's Online brain TrainingThe Online Brain Training!

Mind Power Memory Booster the Brain Training Formula is brought to you by Colin McKay through his personal development business Life Training Systems Ltd.

Colin created Life Training Systems in 2010 after returning to the UK from 15 years abroad in both New Zealand and Australia.

Where he had been working for a couple of years with one of the worlds leading NLP, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis based training companies.

Since establishing Life Training Systems Colin has been working hard delivering NLP trainings as well as doing 1 to 1 personal breakthrough coaching and corporate coaching and sales trainings.

At the beginning of 2016 Colin decided to start sharing his other advanced skills and knowledge with his students…

Through this “online brain training”.

This was predominately because, knowing from his own experiences that his Mind Power and memory skills as well as linguistic influencing skills that he had perfected over the preceding 15 years had very much played an integral role within his success as an NLP and Hypnos trainer and coach.

Thus was born this comprehensive online brain training, Mind Power Memory Booster Brain Training Formula and also the soon to be released Advanced Linguistic Influencing Trainings

The Tools and Techniques Trained (Online and Live) in the Brain Training Formula originally came from studying the work and wisdom of Tony Buzan and later on Paul Scheele and Win Wenger.

These tools and techniques are all, not only ancient in their origins but also completely open source even appearing on Wikipedia.

Though I do believe that they had to be extensively de-jargonised for want of a better word, to make them truly accessible to everyone and to also make them usable in everyday life.

Colin has done a fantastic job of making it incredibly easy to follow and apply these Mind Power tools in a way that is also great fun.

One of Colin’s greatest traits is to take unnecessary theoretical elitist jargon out of all that he teaches, whether it be Memory Tools, Language and communication skills or indeed NLP.

Making the subject really understandable and most importantly of all usable.

Colin also is very passionate about the level of support students and clients should be given by there trainer and coach.

And to that end he always ensures that people feel empowered to ask any questions for support, advice and contextual tips for effective application and utilisation after the training is complete.