The Body List and the Sequential Memory Metaphor technique are just a couple of the easy to learn brain training processes that can help your memory with speed, retention and recall...

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I am always excited to be given a chance to be able to share some of the most powerful knowledge I have gathered over the past 25 years of mental, emotional and spiritual development.
I have studied with, in my opinion some of the very best personal development experts from all around the world and I now train and certify in the modalities that I have mastered.
Like you I’ve always been interested in improving the way that my mind operated, processed, absorbed and retained information.
Back then I asked myself. How is it I can always remember in great detail the things that I have a strong emotional connection to?
All of my most negative expereinces, my angry experiences, thankfully also my most passionate moments, all of my funniest moments, all of my most exciting moments, you probably like me, can also remember those sorts of moments in great detail as well, no matter how long ago they were.
How is it, that a persons neurology is capable of, in an instant, taking in an entire scene as you looking out of a window, in that instant we mentally process a vast amount of data, the cars, the people, houses, bricks, tiles, blades of grass, leaves on the trees.
And we don't just process it, we give meaning to the expereince also…. the amount of data we process every second is vast , yet we can at times find it difficult to recall the simplest of information.
It just doesn't make logical sense. I’ve always marvelled at some of the seemingly limiting things we were taught, it is almost like a form of learned helplessness.
That’s why I’m so pleased that your here, because the great news is, In my experience when you learn to program in the data in a different, more effective and systemised way  then it easily becomes far more memorable and your ability to recall it becomes far more effective also.
And learning to do it in this more effective way, could possibly be EASIER than you think! I was personally amazed and excited at how simple it was.
I run a training and coaching, personal development business called Life Training Systems and one of the advanced programs I teach is all about learning to optimise your mind power with mental agility exercises and teaching powerful memory booster brain training techniques.
The video that you can get here for FREE, takes you through just a couple of the incredibly powerful mind power techniques that I train as part of the Brain Training Formula Seminar that I run as a live training here in Surrey in the UK and as a comprehensive video home study program.
If you want to find out more about the full online program then simple "Click Here" or if you more interested in the live seminar you can give me a call on +44 1483 823 811 or email me at
In the meantime enjoy, practice and look to master the body List and Sequential Memory Metaphor Technique to develop for yourself some easy wins in the power of you mind and memory recall.

These techniques can be so quick and effective it may well shock you. 

In this simple easy to watch video, I'll share with you some ways you could begin to increase your mind power and boost your memory Find out if you could make them WORK FOR YOU!