Exercises To Improve Memory Power

Here Are A Couple Of Easy Exercises To Improve Memory Power

I’m sure you want a better brain and a more powerful memory, maybe even learn some easy exercises to improve memory power.

Everyone wants to have a better memory, even people that have already a great effectively functioning memory would still love to learn more!

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Imagination Is Everything

Your brain and your memory are just like a muscle, exercise it, flow blood to it, stimulate it and it will grow stronger and stronger.

Alternatively if you do nothing with it then it will diminish in it’s power and capacity.

Tapping into your brains amazing neuroplasticity is truly great news if you do exercises to improve memory power and build on your brains natural genius.

Though it can also be bad news if you allow it to work against you by simply building a habit of doing very little to tax and exercise your mind.

In my – Mind Power Memory Booster Brain Training Formula

I will be taking you through 4 incredibly powerful exercises to first warm up your brain.

Getting it sparking and firing on all cylinders, literally crackling with electricity in the way that it should.

Here I will teach you just a couple of simple exercises to improve memory power that work by stimulating your conscious and unconscious associations.

You have to by need dumb down the reality around you by deleting, distorting and generalising.

The raw data that your neurology is processing through your 5 senses every minute of every day in-fact every second of every minute of every day.

That’s a lot of raw data!! some useful some not so.

To make this process of processing the massive amount of data more manageable for you, you will naturally grab onto and process things that have strong associations for you personally as an individual.

With everything you experience, you tend to learn it once then over a period of time (some longer than others) compound in what we choose to believe to be real.

What works, what doesn’t, what’s easy, what we like, what we don’t like and so on.

Once you have made these associations, set them in stone if you like, you can find it tricky sometimes to break free from the pattern.

Especially those patterns that definitely don’t work for you but seem so difficult to shake off.

To give you an idea of how that works watch this video below that shows you how powerful some patterns and processes are.

Because association is such an important part of how you experience the world that you live in.

It then stands to reason that if you were to get real good at controlling your associations and dissociations then you will have gone some way to improve the fluidity of your mind and the flexibility of your thinking.

Two Easy Exercises To Improve Memory Power And Increase Effective Brain Functioning

So here is two fun games that you can play that will start to build you some real mental horse power.

Word Association.

Simply think of and say out loud a word and then follow it with a word that is associated to it, so things like

leaves – tree – apple – toffee – sweeties – sugar – coffee – cafe – restaurant – Gordon Ramsay – hell – hot

Now this will be interesting for you, especially if you play it with someone else, because not everyone will easily or instantly see your associations.

You win when the other person says something that has no tangible association to the previous word.

Make sure you maintain the pressure of speed on yourself and the other person, because if either you or they take to long to say the next word then by default the other person wins.

Word Dissociation.

Now you will probably realise that by rights this game should be easier!

Think about ti if you were to say a word like “soap” then their will be maybe 10, 20, 50, or even 100 things associated to soap, there will however be millions, billions even trillions of things not associated to soap.

The only problem with this theory is that we are naturally wired to make associations.

So when forced to respond quickly your brain will sooner bring to mind something associated to the previous word rather than something dissociated.

SO an example would be, something like

soap – camel – envelope – jupiter – jaffa cake – bentley – salt – penguin – cigarrette – marmalade – underpants

Play these games by yourself or with others often, daily even and see how the fluidity of your thinking increases when you actually do some exercises to improve memory power.