Training Schedule 2017

The Live Mind Power Memory Booster Brain Training Schedule for 2017

We only have a couple of Brain Training schedule LIVE events for 2017.

Where we will be delivering our potent 2 Day Live Mind Power Memory Booster Brain Training Formula, so that means that seats are at a premium.

Brain Training Schedule

For the February Training only we are offering a special deal where you get lifetimes access to the online training for FREE!

And This Brain Training Schedule Has Amazing Savings!

Which not only saves you £47 it also gives you an immediate start to your studies with access to the modules effective immediately upon booking.

In addition, If you book before the end of February for either of the above dates you will get a very special start to the year discount of £200

This amazing live training is priced at £797 but for a limited time you can book your place for the web special early bird price of £597.

So that’s £200 off and access to the complete 7 Modules which consist of 36 Training videos of the online program for FREE saving you and additional £47.

There truly is no better time for you to create a Brain Training Schedule for yourself!

Imagine what it will be like having graduated a training that has given you probably the most important and effective life skills you could ever have.

Brain Training Schedule Certificate

Make your 2017 the very best that it can be, by attending and learning all of the advanced mental skills and abilities at the live Mind Power Memory Booster Brain Training Schedule.

If you really want a taste of how powerful yet easy these mind power tools and techniques are then click over to our Free Brain Training Intro” and sign up for our quick video demo of two of these fantastic techniques.

Here at Life Training Systems we are also very big on support so if you have any questions at all please drop me an email at

Or simply fill in the contact form “HERE” and I will get straight back to you with all the answers that you need.